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CEI Program

Our Mission

CE Interns drive the collaboration between TCNJ’s Administration and students to further enhance the college experience through student-based solutions. As an intern you will offer a unique perspective by utilizing the most current analysis and problem solving methods proceeded by initiatives to further develop the college’s mission. These accomplishments are achieved through equal efforts part collaboration, innovation, and tenaciousness of students whom aspire to fulfill their role and more. In many respects this program offers interns the opportunity to develop valuable hard and soft career skills while accruing constructive internship experience

About the Program

In order to infuse our work with the fresh perspectives and exceptional talent of TCNJ students, we are creating a Corps of College Enhancement Interns (CE Interns). Interns support and learn from a professional staff member within Academic Affairs, Development, Enrollment Management or Student Affairs, and work to enhance student engagement in purposeful learning experiences beyond the classroom and/or cultivate a greater sense of community across the College. The CE Interns are expected to enhance our ability to reach more students and have a wider impact on the campus community as a whole.

Overarching duties focus on the planning and coordination of key programs and services intended to facilitate greater student engagement in meaningful co-curricular experiences and/or to facilitate efforts to build a more cohesive and caring sense of community among students, faculty, staff, and alumni at TCNJ.

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