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Interview Tips & Hints

The interview process is a crucial first step. It provides you the ability to make a lasting impression on a prospective employer. Below we have provided some hints and tips with your interview. If you have any further questions call The Career Center.

General Tips & Hints

  • Try to be conservative.
  • Your attire can and will out voice you, if you allow it to. Keep your attire simple.
  • Hair should be neat and trimmed. Style your hair so it won’t fall into your face if that is a problem.
  • Keep clean hygiene. Nobody wants to hire a dirty person.
  • Cologne and perfume are nice, but should be kept to a minimum.
  • Clothing should be neat and pressed.
  • Remember your resumé! Carry it in a briefcase or portfolio.

Proper Interview Attire

The clothes you wear to an interview say a lot about you. Make sure you dress to impress!

  •  The suit should fit comfortably, permitting 1/2in. of the shirt sleeve to show. Pant legs should barely hit the  the shoe. Try to keep the color choice dark, but avoid black.
  • Dress shirt with bottom down collars, neatly pressed. Light, but not bright colors should do the trick and make sure you wear an undershirt.
  • The tie should always be darker than your shirt, never extending below the belt. Solid colors or small patterns work best.
  • Shoes should be newly shined,  while wearing dark socks.


  • The suit should be a business dress, with a jacket, but try not to wear trendy lapels or buttons/ Keep colors conservative. Be sure to keep the skirt length right at knee length.
  • Avoid low-cut or see-through blouse. Keep the colors neutral, but not load and bright.
  • Too much make-up can be devastating to the interview, as well as the amount of jewelry. Keep earrings and ring simple, with one to each ear or hand.
  • Avoid heels higher than 2 in. and open toe shoes. Keep shoe color coordinated with the rest of your attire. You do not want to clash.

Interview Do’s

  • Give a firm handshake at the start and completion of each interview.
  • Be clean, including fingernails.
  • Maintain steady eye contact at all times with the interviewer(s).
  • Always remember to say “Thank you” at the end of the interview.
  • Ask the interviewer(s) for their business card.

Interview Don’ts