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LionsLink, powered by Handshake, is TCNJ’s recruitment program which allows students/alumni to submit resumés to potential employers and/or interview one another regarding possible employment opportunities.


On Campus Interviews, Internships & Job Postings

Announce full-time and internship opportunities to our students and visitors!   An on campus interview or resumé collection request can be posted through our on-line recruitment system, LionsLink (powered by Handshake). For non degree positions they are placed in the Job Binders in the Career Library for a period of up to three weeks. Interested candidates will respond as suggested in your job postings.

Getting Started

We have a new on-line recruiting system, Lions Link, powered by Handshake. We believe you will find this program more intuitive and user friendly. To ensure this is a seamless transition to the new recruiting system The Career Center has weekly workshops, open hours and an online tutorial to acquaint you with this system and processes.

To activate your account in a timely fashion follow these steps:

  • Sign into LionsLink using your TCNJ student login and password
  • Update your profile
  • Upload a resumé into your account through the “Documents” section. Within 2 working days a career counselor will have reviewed your resumé.The reviewed resumé will appear in your account under “Documents” with critiqued resumé under the name, Edit. There will be posted notes appearing on this resumé.
  • Make the suggested changes and upload your new resumé under the name, Final.
  • Each morning a Career Center staff member activates accounts with the Final resumé appearing.
  • Once your account is activated you can search the system and submit to the employer your final resumé. We recommend that you delete the previous 2 resumés appearing in your document section.
  • Reminder once you submit a resumé to an OCR event we expect you to interview. The Career Center notifies the employers of this process allowing our community to compete with other campuses. If you do not abide by this process you are in danger of losing your Lions Link activation.
  • Once you the approval has occurred you may upload up to ten documents.
  • Be sure to upload new resumés FIRST, prior to deleting old or previous resumés!

For a quick response to any questions regarding lions link call The Career Center, X2161 or visit, Roscoe West 102. Many times it is more efficient to address your question in person.

Beware of Phishing and Other Scams

Lionslink and a variety online job boards are very convenient for you to find positions. Although security precautions exist it is unfortunate but the same technology makes it easier for scammers to create fraudulent positions. While we try to screen employers and the positions they post to LionsLink, it is very important that you proceed with caution and common sense. You need to read position descriptions carefully!

Also, each job board, has privacy policies available for you to review. Handshake, the provider of Lionslink, has high security thresholds but no system is 100%. You control the distribution of your resumé in the lionslink system by submission. No employer has access to your Documents section or Profile.

Whether the job/intern description be distributed online or old fashion paper if appears too good to be true…Job searcher beware! Trust your instincts! If you are uncomfortable with some of the information requested do not continue contact with the organization or individual. If you receive follow-up correspondence or an offer that seems unusual, you need to proceed with caution. Some email providers along with social media sites allow you to block and use this measure.

Beware if asked:

  • To provide a credit card, bank, PayPal account, Social Security numbers, photo ID or payment
  • Offered a large payment or reward in exchange for a money transfer
  • Receive a large check AND DO NOT CASH
  • Asked to agree to a background check before prior to a pending offer
  • If E-mail address does not match the organization’s website. For example an aol email for ABC Company instead of the company email appearing in the address.
  • To buy Ads that sell job search tips

Reviewing the Job/Intern Description

  • Be cautious of postings for work-at-home, mystery shoppers, or virtual positions.
  • Please note one of the policies for TCNJ Career Center is we do not post internships/positions where work is in a home residence.
  • Again, listed salary too good to be true or pay up front? Beware!
  • Are there misspellings?
  • If the position listing is an international opportunity, does it include travel expenses or upfront program fees? Proceed with caution.
  • Verify that a URL listed in the ad goes to the internet domain of the company listed.. For example the  add includes company 123 with web address-www.123. com/career and goes to

What to do when involved in a potential scam?

  • End all communication and if personal information was provided, monitor your accounts and stop payments.
  • Each bank or credit card has a fraud service report immediately.
  • Contact The Career Center ( or call 609.771.2161) ASAP so we review, notify others and report incidents.
  • Report  to The Internet Crime Complaint Center (
  • If the incident occurred entirely over the internet, file an incident report with the FCC at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or at

Know the labor laws, procedures, and policies:

More Resources for Safe Online Job Searching: