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Internship Spotlight: Jennifer Correa (PwC)

Jennifer Correa (2018) is an Accounting Major who interned with PwC in their Public Accounting Firm. She kindly shared her internship experience with the Career Center.

What department or area did you work with most often?
“I worked in the insurance sector supporting the corporate, insurance, and investment audit teams for my client.”

What was the most positive experience you had at the internship?
“I was selected to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to assist the audit team in performing a half-year audit. This gave me the opportunity to connect with the team and learn more about PwC’s work culture. Additionally, it allowed me to work with both U.S. GAAP and IFRS regulations. The importance of my contribution to the half-year audit provided a feeling of belonging at the firm.”

What was the greatest learning experience?
“Throughout the internship, I had assigned coaches that provided me with career advice and enhanced my professional development through real-time feedback after every task. When I was assigned work, I was not only given instructions but was also told how my work contributed to the overall project.”

Did you learn more about professionalism in the workplace? If so, what part of professionalism stands out?
“During my time at PwC, I learned about importance of building strong and long-lasting relationships in the workplace. This summer, I learned how to network within the firm and how to build my personal brand. Arriving to work with a positive attitude and asking meaningful questions were some of the qualities that I used to build my personal brand at PwC. Additionally, I took an interest in learning about my co-workers’ careers and how they navigated through the CPA exam. This positively impacted the relationship I had with my team members and the environment I worked in.”

What is the biggest take away from your experience?
“A major take away from my audit internship at PwC was the importance of being a team player. Fortunately, I was able to work with a team that came to work with lots of energy and positive vibes everyday. The team made the office a fun place where work was divided equally and everyone was always willing to answer questions and help other individuals successfully complete their work. Watching my team work well under pressure eased my nerves of audit busy season.”

What skill(s) do you think you enhanced from this internship?
“After two internships at PwC, my technical capabilities and adaptability skills have significantly improved. Interns were taught how to use auditing databases and PwC search tools during a weeklong training session. Though the databases and search tools were specific to the firm, my ability to work with other client computer systems became much easier. I was able to combine the excel skills I had learned at TCNJ with those taught throughout the internship to work more efficiently. Furthermore, I learned how to work in office environments in both New York City and in Charlotte, NC.  Adapting to new work styles and deliverable requirements were only a few of the aspects during the internship that enriched my adaptability skills.”


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