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Educational Programmes Abroad Internships

Professional Experience in an International Setting

Enjoy travel and job experience in one with Educational Programmes Abroad. An internship with EPA will help you to aquire and hone professional skills in a different culture and even in a different language.

To learn more about EPA and their internships, visit their website or contact Global Programs!

How to Apply

Follow these guidelines to apply for the internships with EPA or scope out EPA’s checklist:

  1. That you are Junior or Senior at the start of the program, with
    a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  2. Talk to your advisor and gt approval from the departs.
  3. File with Records & Registration the application for Internship Credit.
  4. Find good references. They can send the references themselves or with your application, in separately sealed envelopes.
  5. Where applicable, check if financial aid can be transferred.
  6. Read the General Conditions
  7. Please complete the application form using black ink and printing clearly.
  8. Obtain a copy of your transcript.
  9. Make sure you return the application forms and the transcript to the correct office.

Application Forms


  • Fall Semester:
  • Spring Semester:Brussels & Madrid –
    Others –


  • General ApplicationBasic Information
  • Internship Application
    Program Interest Information

    • Essay A (Personal Statement)
    • Essay B (For Political Science Internships only)
  • Recommendation & Language Forms Reference Information
    • 1 Academic Reference
    • 1 Character Reference
    • Foreign Language Reference (Foreign Language Internships only)
  • Housing & Medical Information Form
    • Housing Preferences & Medical Rsponsibility
  • Your official trancript for each college you’ve attended. Have the college directly mail it to EPA or mail it to you in a sealed envelope that you may send with your application.
  • For Bonn, Brussels, Madrid, & Paris programs only – 4 passport size photographs.
  • Resumé
  • Passport – the passport number & expiration date.

Reminder: Check out each program. Some have different mailing addresses and/or criteria.