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Summer Community Leaders Program

Click the link for more information on the Summer Leaders program. Co-Sponsored by the Career Center and the Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research.

Intern Spotlight 

Erin Silkowski, Class of 2014, speaks with us about her experience at Wiss & Company, LLP.

Definition of an Internship:

“An academic internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a profession setting. Students can earn academic credit, or there is some other connection to a degree-granting, educations institution. The internship is usually the length or equivalent of an academic term, may be part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid. An integral component of the experience that distinguishes it from other types of work is one of more forms of structured and deliberate reflection contained within learning agendas and objectives.” Collaboration of Internship Listserv members (Pittsburgh Technology Council & Messiah College), NACE, NSEE

Department of Labor and NACE Internship Guidelines

  • The internship, even though it includes actual operation of the employer’s facilities, is similar to training that would be given in a vocational schools.
  • The internship experience is for the benefit of the student.
  • The intern does not displace regular employee, but works under the close observation of a regular employee.
  • The employer provides the training and derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern.
  • Occasionally, the operations may actually be impeded. The intern is not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship.
  • The employer and the intern understand that the intern is not entitled to wages for the time in the internship.

Department of Labor (DOL) Internship regulations

All employment/internship forms and applications required from the employer are posted in Lionslink system.

Something to consider when developing long term internships

  • The experience must be an extension of the classroom: a learning experience that provides for applying the knowledge gained in the classroom. It must not be simply to advance the operations of the employer or be the work that a regular employee would routinely perform.
  • The skills or knowledge learned must be transferable to other employment settings.
  • The experience has a defined beginning and end, and a job description with desired qualifications.
  • There are clearly defined learning objectives/goals related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework.
  • There is supervision by a professional with expertise and educational and/or professional background in the field of the experience.
  • There is routine feedback by the experienced supervisor.
  • There are resources, equipment, and facilities provided by the host employer that support learning objectives/goals


Office of Records & Registration

Paid and Non-Paid/Academic Credit

If an internship is non-paid the student should be receiving Academic Credit. Please note that if your internship is paid, a student may also receive academic credit, which may be a graduation requirement within their academic department.The Academic Department determines if the internship is meeting the requirements for credit. Upon approval by the Academic Department, students may complete the necessary forms found at Records & Registration. Non-Paid internships must meet the above criteria and will be reviewed by the Career Center Staff prior to placing in LionsLink, the online recruitment system.


Health, Nursing, and Exercise Science

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • See HSS Resources tab-Coming soon

On-Site Concerns

The Career Center is available to assist/counsel students experiencing difficulties at an internship site. Please contact the Career Center, x3111, and ask to speak with the Associate Director for Recruitment Services or email the Career Center at for more information.