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Bloomberg Experience – Kayla Glynn

How did you hear about Bloomberg?

Stemming from her father’s interest in financial markets and Bloomberg Radio, Kayla Glynn has always been familiar with the company. Upon entering her sophomore year she decided it was time to do some more research into the Bloomberg name. After speaking with a campus recruiter she learned of an externship available for sophomores, which she was a perfect start! By participating in this externship it helped create a clear path for her to gain an internship and lead to a full time position. As a finance major, with a minor in psychology, her diverse interests, strong work ethic, and critical thinking aligned with the company’s interests and made her a great candidate.

What surprised you about the company?

“As an intern, it wasn’t the average day. We always had a, “to do list” Kayla explained. Throughout her internship her main position was working on the Funds Team, who were very supportive and willing to answer any questions she had. Not only this, but she was able to leave her footprint on many different projects. The projects included creating graphics, which were featured on, contributing to a book that was being published by another employee, working on a newsletter, and participating in philanthropy events. “It was a very up-tempo and fast-paced environment. You did not get bored.” One of the things that surprised Kayla the most was the amount of constant communication she had with upper management as an intern. This culture extended to the CEO, Mike Bloomberg, who took an hour of his valuable time to speak with her and other interns when she visited Bloomberg’s Lexington office.

What learning tools were offered?

While working at Bloomberg, Kayla was exposed to number of valuable learning tools, which helped her succeed during her internship. Building and maintaining a strong network was essential due to the culture of open communication. This extended to free breakfast, lunch, and dinner to facilitate friendly conversation with anyone in the organization. “Idea generation is the norm. People are talking to everyone else and things flowed together very nicely,”Kayla commented.

She was also supported by two mentors which proved to be a source of on-going communication. The first being her manager, who provided invaluable feedback on her performance and opportunities to work on different projects; and the second, working in quality assurance who helped broaden Kayla’s view of the technology running the Bloomberg Terminal.

What should future interns expect working at Bloomberg?

“Expect to be excited about your work; and also be expected to put in hard work and push yourself. Put your best foot forward. Expect to be doing more than just the role of your job, including going to philanthropy events, conferences, and working with other interns.”

Kayla’s take away is “You enjoy the work that do you and before you know it the day is over.”



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