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WithumSmith+Brown Experience – Jaclyn Armellino

Jaclyn Armellino, Class of 2015, interned and is now a full-time employee of WithumSmith+Brown. Jaclyn was kind enough to answer some questions about her internship with the company.

Organization Description: Mid-sized public accounting firm located primarily on the east coast; services include audit, tax and assurance.

What department or area did you work with most often?

During my internship, I worked mostly with the tax department, completing both individual and corporate returns. Additionally, I went on two audits and completed various projects around the office.

What was the most positive experience you had at the internship?

The most positive experience at my internship was getting to work with a variety of people who all took an interest in teaching me. I was always able to approach whoever I was working for with questions, and as a result I finished my internship feeling like I had learned so much over three short months.

What was the greatest learning experience?

I was able to interact with many employees at the company, from senior level accountants to partners. I learned a lot about the process of completing tax returns, but I think the greatest learning experience from my internship was how to manage my time to complete the work I was being given and how to interact with many different management styles.

Did you learn more about professionalism in the workplace? If so, what part of professionalism stands out?

I think interning at Withum had a significant impact on my professionalism – I saw how Withum employees interacted with one another and with their clients, as well as their general demeanor in the workplace. It showed me that in order to be successful in a professional environment, you need to have a positive attitude, patience and willingness to learn, and time management skills.

What is the biggest take away from your experience?

The biggest take away from my internship was having a better understanding of what I was looking for in a career. In accounting, there are very different career paths available upon graduation – you can work for a public firm or go into private accounting. Interning assured me that public accounting was what I wanted to do. Additionally, interning at Withum was a great way to get a feel for the culture of the firm. I was able to see what a typical day in the office was like for a Withum employee, as well as attend many of the office events. Additionally, I realized after my internship was over that it was very important to me that my first job had similar qualities to Withum in terms of firm culture; our motto is ‘work hard, play hard’, and this was something that showed throughout my internship.

What skill(s) do you think you enhanced from this internship?

My time management skills were definitely enhanced! Interning during the spring semester meant I had about 20-25 hours of work per week, as well as 12 credits. I had to balance my class schedule with my work schedule, which proved to be an excellent learning experience. I also applied these time management skills within the workplace alone; I would be completing returns for several different reviewers, so I quickly learned how to prioritize and manage my workload.


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