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Internship Spotlight – Heather Krautwurst

Name: Heather Krautwurst

Graduation Year: December 2019

Major: Accounting

On campus involvement: Kappa Delta Sorority, Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Institute of Management Accountants

Where and When did you Intern: The Mercadien Group in Hamilton, NJ – Administrative Intern: Feb 2018 -April 2018; Lottery Audit Intern: May 2018 – Oct 2018; Audit Intern: Jan 2019 – April 2019; joining the firm Full Time in summer 2019.

How did you hear about the internship and what was the interview process like?

I heard about the position through my Sophomore Career Planning class as well as the Accounting Meet and Greet. The interview process consists of 1-2 interviews, depending on which position you interview for.

Describe your role.

The Administrative Intern position consisted of scanning tax returns into the online system in order to allow the tax process to continue. The Lottery Audit Internship consisted of monitoring personnel during the NJ lottery drawings to ensure that proper protocol was followed. The Audit Internship consisted of assisting audit teams in conducting audits and reviews of various types of clients.

What was an average day like?

An average day at my audit internship consisted of being assigned different sections of audit engagements to work on in order to gain exposure on different audit areas. When I was not assigned to an engagement, I would ask around for other projects to help out with in order to be constantly learning.

What was the best memory you had interning?

The best memory I have of interning is when HR played the Fire Safety video from The Office during the quarterly meeting. I think this just gives insight into what the firm’s culture is like, which is an important element to consider when choosing somewhere to work.

What have you learned from this experience?

Auditing in practice is very different than what you learn in your classes, so I was able to see what the profession was really like before I decided if it was right for me.

What is one skill you feel as if you’ve improved upon while at your internship?

Communication – You are always talking to coworkers or employees of the firm you are auditing, so it is important to learn good communication skills to ensure you can effectively get your ideas across to someone else.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is applying for an internship?

Don’t be intimidated for interviews. Interviews are a time to be yourself in order to get a feel for the firm to see if it is the best fit for you.


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